The Talented and Gifted program in Fulton County School System provides enriching experiences for the intellectually advanced and exceptionally creative student. Gifted services are available in all Fulton County Schools for students in kindergarten through grade 12.

Below you will find some resources with some further explanation of the eligibility and testing process that is used to identify eligible students.


This parent guide has detailed information about goals and objectives of our gifted program, the screening and referral process, testing, and what the delivery model of services.

This document contains some Frequently Asked Questions and responses about the gifted screening and referral process.

This document contains some Frequently Asked Questions and responses about the Gifted testing process.

The Fulton County School System screens all students for eligibility for gifted services twice a year and uses a systematic approach to identify highly capable students who may qualify for gifted services. The gifted teacher routinely reviews available data to refer students for further assessment. This document explains this process in further detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should My 11th Grader be tested for TAG?

TAG courses offered to students at RHS provide opportunities to explore a topic of interest with depth over time, to work with intellectual peers and professionals in a discipline, and to engage in creative thought and production in real-world settings. The most popular TAG offerings for 12th graders at Roswell are Gifted Career Internship and Directed Study. Both options allow for areas of study beyond a typical academic class and demonstrate to colleges that your student has engaged in academic enrichment.

Also, your student will gain access to TAG Advisement where our TAG faculty serves as an additional resource to students who have questions about their class schedule and the college application process.  Faculty members have experience in diverse areas of study and real world experience.

(For more detailed information, please click on the pdf file to the left)

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