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We offer semester-long seminars in a wide variety of topics. 

Spring 2024


Directed Study offers your student the opportunity to design their own course of study in a topic they choose.

Directed Study

Gifted Internships allow your student to experience the working world with the support of their TAG teacher. 


We offer advisement to all TAG students to help guide them through their high school journey.


New to High School TAG?

TAG in High School looks different than TAG in middle school. Here is some more information about what TAG at Roswell High can offer you:

TAG is an enrichment program

In the high school setting, TAG is an enrichment program that allows students to explore a wider variety of topics than the regular curriculum.

TAG is NOT an honors class

TAG credit in high school is not given through honors classes. It is an item on a student's transcript that shows he/she did something above and beyond the regular requirements for a diploma.

TAG credit is earned each semester

Every TAG student is expected to participate and earn credit for at least one TAG activity each semester. While many upperclassmen enroll in advanced placement courses and choose to earn TAG credit for their participation in those classes, the TAG department offers many other courses that provide opportunities to explore topics of interests with depth while working with intellectual peers and professionals. TAG students are able to develop research and presentation skills as well while engaging in creative thought and production in real-world settings.

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