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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of participating in TAG in high school?

The Roswell High School TAG Program can assist students in developing both short and long term goals for their high school curriculum and beyond.  Courses offered to students provide opportunities to explore a topic of interest with depth over time, to work with intellectual peers and professionals in a discipline, and to engage in creative thought and production in real-world settings. Also, a student's gifted status will appear on their official transcript, and continued participation qualifies your student to enroll in TAG Directed Study (10th-12th grades) and/or Gifted Career Internship (11th-12th grade).

How does my child earn TAG credit?

Every TAG student is expected to participate and earn credit for at least one TAG activity each semester.  While many upperclassmen enroll in Advanced Placement classes and choose to earn TAG credit for their participation in those classes, the TAG department does offer other courses which can enhance a student’s academic program.

What specific TAG courses are offered at Roswell?

Roswell High School offers may choices for your student to earn TAG credit. We have Seminars that meet twice a week during your student's study hall (seminar topics change each semester), Directed Study (where students design their own course of study), and Internship (where students are working in career fields in the community).

Why should my child take a TAG Seminar?

While a TAG seminar does NOT count towards graduation requirements, it does show colleges that a student has engaged in academic enrichment that semester, and it can lead to further exploration of specific topics and future placement in courses like TAG Directed Study or TAG Internship, which both count toward graduation requirements and are considered academic electives.

How does my child participate in Seminars to earn TAG credit?

Many 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students, especially those who are not currently enrolled in an AP course, participate in TAG seminars to earn TAG credit each semester.  Seminar classes meet twice a week during study hall and allow a student to study an academic area of interest with his/her peers and a TAG teacher.  Seminar choices vary each semester and may include topics such as personal finance, resume writing, mythology, graphic design, criminology, etc. For Freshman, we have a specific seminar (Freshman Focus) that all TAG freshman take during the fall of their first year at RHS.

What is TAG Directed Study?

TAG Directed Studies are semester long elective courses that serve as one of the student’s six regular classes.  In this course, a student is encouraged to engage in independent research and advanced problem-solving in a variety of possible content areas.  The student, in conjunction with a TAG teacher, sets up a contract describing his/her course of study which includes goals and objectives, products, activities, resources, and methods of evaluation.  Classes meet daily, and students earn a numerical grade for the course.

What is TAG Career Internship?

TAG Career Internships are offered to juniors and seniors only.  After taking the seminar, “Hire Me!,” students may participate in a TAG internship, which provides on-the-job experience in a career field of interest to the student.  A TAG career advisor places students with professionals in a variety of work environments. A student, along with his/her career advisor, selects the professional field for internship. Students register for internship as one of their regular classes and usually leave campus at the end of 5th period to attend work.  Students earn a numerical grade in the course.

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